Intellectual & developmental challlenges

•This funding priority is focused on the advancement of research in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, with particular emphasis on clinical applications of promising therapeutic and technological advances.


•Efforts that  demonstrate a commitment to collaboration across multiple departments or institutions are given priority. 

•While grants are primarily focused on medical institutions located in the Pacific Northwest, the Kuni Foundation will occasionally consider proposals from other regions of the United States on a case-by-case basis.

•Endowments, publications, annual fund appeals or general operations are not eligible for funding.

• This funding priority is focused on supporting programs for adults with intellectual and developmental challenges, with an emphasis on housing. 

• Programs and initiatives that enhance an individual's quality of life, including employment, education, health and recreation and the arts are eligible for funding.

•Residential communities that are in the early or expansion stages of operation or have a proven track record of success are eligible for funding. These can include co-housing and other models that promote community and inclusion. Proposals to help secure land, support construction costs and to include assistive technology will be considered. 

• Programs that provide individuals and families with navigation or access to affordable, inclusive housing are eligible for funding.

• Annual fund appeals or support for endowments are not eligible for funding.


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