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A Legacy Of Service, Mentorship and Innovation

Wayne Kuni was an entrepreneurial community leader known for his mentorship of others, and that legacy is reflected in the mission and work of the Wayne D. Kuni & Joan E. Kuni Foundation. While Wayne's business acumen drove the creation of one of the region's largest and most successful automobile dealerships, Kuni Automotive, his commitment to investing in and mentoring emerging talent strengthened both his company and the community.

An unwavering passion for service was infused throughout his business, and Wayne led by example. He served on dozens of nonprofit boards and executive committees during his lifetime, developing a reputation as a community leader with a commitment to not only providing funding, but dedicating his time and talent in service to others.

After his third cancer diagnosis, Wayne focused intently on how to create an enduring legacy of philanthropic support for the causes that touched both his heart and the lives of his family: cancer research and programs to support and enhance the lives of developmentally disabled adults. He opted to transfer his shares of Kuni Automotive to a charitable trust, establishing The Wayne D. Kuni & Joan E. Kuni Foundation in November 2005. On February 3, 2006, Kuni passed away from cancer. After Kuni Automotive was sold years later, the foundation's assets grew significantly, a testament to Wayne's stewardship.

Staying true to Wayne's legacy the foundation identifies and seeks out innovative programs and initiatives, often investing in early-stage efforts with the goal of propelling the work forward. Wayne's commitment to his community lives on in the efforts of those who fix their gaze on the horizon of possibility, think boldly and act compassionately in service to others.

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