The Work We Do

Our Process
We embrace the organizations we fund as co-creators, enabling us to collaboratively learn and lean in to risk. We appreciate the need for catalytic funding that brings to life the question “What if?” and the value of general operating support for established efforts that demonstrate results.

The Kuni Foundation believes in the power of human potential. We invest in scientists who advance cancer research and accelerate the inclusion of people who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Ending Cancer Through Research

We invest in emerging and promising cancer research that demonstrates and advances collaboration.

A group of medical workers sitting at a table reviewing paperwork.
Nurse with little girl smiling.
Smiling portrait of a young woman.
Young woman with sitting in her car.
Mother and daughter smiling outside.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 

In partnership with stakeholders, we seek to shine a light on injustice and help create a new narrative celebrating the assets, capabilities and aspirations of the IDD community.

Advancing Our Work Through Advocacy

We are relentless advocates focused on systems change, shining a perpetual light on injustice and expanding the definition of equity and inclusion to always include IDD.