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Kuni Foundation Honored with the 2023 UW Medicine Brotman Leadership Award

We are profoundly grateful to UW Medicine and Susan Brotman for honoring the Kuni Foundation with the 2023 UW Medicine Brotman Leadership Award. It is an honor to support this work. We draw constant inspiration from the ground-breaking research and deep commitment to equity that is the cornerstone of the work taking place at UW Medicine. The following is reprinted

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A researcher in the Disis Lab at the Cancer Vaccine Institute at University of Washington Medicine shows research samples.

Kuni Foundation Awards 36 Imagination Grants to Advance Innovation and Inclusion in Oregon and Washington

Funded projects include immunotherapeutic hydrogel for pancreatic cancer treatment, advancing precision radiotherapy for tumors, program expansion for neurodiverse artists and planning for a new IDD housing model. The Kuni Foundation awarded nearly $1.9 million during the organization’s most recent round of Imagination Grants, doubling the amount awarded in 2022. The 36 grants include catalytic cancer research exploration and efforts that

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Kuni Foundation Enhances Support of Underserved Communities through Craft3’s Community Impact Investment Notes

For communities to thrive economically, access to basic financial services, affordable credit and investment capital are a necessity. Yet historically, underserved communities have had little to no access to capital, a gap that widened significantly during the pandemic. Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) provide equitable access to capital and financial services, ensuring that all communities have opportunities to prosper and

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Kuni Foundation Joins Instagram

The Kuni Foundation embraces the power of human potential. We invest in scientists advancing revolutionary cancer research and efforts that accelerate the inclusion of neurodiverse communities. Through our work we witness remarkable outcomes from our partners, who disrupt the status quo through advocacy, inclusion and innovation. We invite you to meet our partners and learn from their inspiring stories through

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A group of four people smiling and standing with their arms wrapped around each other

Mainstream Housing – Visioning Person-Centered Housing for Life Transitions

Your voice matters. Participate in Mainstream Housing’s survey to design innovative housing solutions. Ensuring that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities lead vibrant, inclusive lives with equitable access to housing and other opportunities is a priority for the Kuni Foundation. A report released by the Foundation in 2020 revealed that more than 24,000 of the estimated 31,000 adults with IDD

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