Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

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Let’s Amplify Inclusion

We believe Diversity, Equity and Inclusion should always include Accessibility (DEIA) and that efforts to advance equity and inclusion always extend to the disability community.

Through our grantmaking and advocacy we seek accomplices who prioritize and advance the experiences and preferences of the IDD community. We fund projects and initiatives that enhance opportunity, possibility and quality of life for individuals who experience IDD. Increasing affordable, person-focused housing solutions is a priority. We fund a wide range of projects, including supported living, co-housing and inclusive housing models in response to the diverse needs and preferences of people who experience IDD.

Did You Know?

More than 7 million people in the United States experience some form of intellectual and developmental disability (IDD).

Often, the IDD community is mistakenly viewed through the lens of perceived deficit rather than recognized for their unique gifts and attributes. People who experience IDD are classmates, co-workers, friends, spouses, parents, volunteers and a vibrant, valuable part of our community.

IDD Grants

Ensuring that people who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities lead vibrant, inclusive lives with equitable access to housing and other opportunities is a key focus area for the Kuni Foundation. We support a range of initiatives including new and existing housing that promotes community and inclusion; resources and navigation for individuals and families; universal design and assistive technology and programs that focus on the arts, education, advocacy and employment.

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