Mainstream Housing – Visioning Person-Centered Housing for Life Transitions

Your voice matters. Participate in Mainstream Housing’s survey to design innovative housing solutions.

Ensuring that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities lead vibrant, inclusive lives with equitable access to housing and other opportunities is a priority for the Kuni Foundation. A report released by the Foundation in 2020 revealed that more than 24,000 of the estimated 31,000 adults with IDD in the Pacific Northwest face housing insecurity and risk homelessness.

We believe the range of solutions to this crisis should be informed by individuals with lived experience. This spring, the Foundation granted $45,000 to Mainstream Housing Incorporated to support a visioning process. The goal is to create informed housing solutions for individuals who need support during life transitions in the next five to 10 years.

Mainstream Housing is based in Eugene, Oregon and is focused on positively impacting the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families by providing quality, affordable housing where people can be proud of where and how they live. They utilize a person-centered approach to services.

Like all of us, Mainstream Housing Incorporated is concerned about the limited housing options and looming housing crisis for people with IDD. The affordable housing currently being built in our communities is not accessible or inclusive.

Mainstream Housing seeks to create innovative housing models, combined with an appropriate level of support service, to advance sustained housing success. A critical part of their planning process is gathering ideas and opinions from people with a variety of viewpoints. The result of this survey and subsequent community discussions will be the creation of new housing models.

Who should take the survey?

1)      People with lived experience.

2)      Family members of people with IDD and/or guardians.

3)      People who work, or have worked, with the IDD community.

4)      Anyone interested in advancing housing for people with IDD.

We encourage you to add your perspectives via the survey link below.

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