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Washington and Oregon Nonprofits Receive $1 Million Boost from The Kuni Foundation

Projects Include the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Breast Cancer Screenings, the Creation of an Autism Center of Excellence and Planning for Inclusive, Multicultural Housing The Kuni Foundation awarded just over $1 million to support 19 projects that advance cancer research and promote vibrancy and inclusion for people experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). “Imagination Grants reflect our commitment to

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Kuni Foundation Awards $13.2 Million to Oregon and Washington Nonprofits

Grants Support Research Dismantling Disparities in Cancer Detection and Treatment for BIPOC Communities; Innovative Housing Solutions for People Experiencing Intellectual Disabilities Accelerating cancer research that improves detection and treatment for underserved communities and increasing access to housing for adults experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) are priorities reflected in the 19 grants awarded to organizations throughout Washington and Oregon. “We’re

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PHAME distance online learning school Portland Oregon

Finding Creativity and Connection in COVID Times

Guest post by: Jenny Stadler, Executive Director, PHAME   Our world has changed entirely in the months since the pandemic began. And yet here at PHAME Academy, many things have remained constant – especially creativity and connection. PHAME is a Portland-based arts organization that harnesses arts education and performance to empower adults who experience disabilities. At our heart, we’re a school.

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Senior mother and adult child smiling in their home

Shining Light on the Housing Crisis for People Experiencing I/DD

We believe housing is a basic human right. Stable housing supports and enhances health, well-being and community connectedness. Yet, for thousands of people experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in our region, housing security is an escalating crisis. Decades of policy inaction, compounded by woefully inaccurate data, skyrocketing costs of living in the Pacific Northwest and an unprecedented number of

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Ceramic faces on display for art show.

Portland Art and Learning Studios

Art builds bridges, sparks new perspectives and gives people a voice. Portland Art and Learning Studios (PALS), a program of Albertina Kerr, is a progressive art studio and gallery in Portland, Oregon. PALS provides high-quality art materials and strives to create flexible space for personal support and creative development for artists experiencing intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. First and foremost, each

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A doctor holding their patient's hands

Improving Bone Marrow Transplant Outcomes for People of Color

Bone marrow transplants have provided life-saving cancer treatments for more than 30 years. As researchers strive to increase survival rates and reduce complications, there’s a critical need for improved access to bone marrow matches and better outcomes for people of color and individuals with highly diverse ethnic backgrounds. For people needing a bone marrow transplant, finding a match can be

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