Empowering Independence: Horizon Project, Inc. Launches STEP Center for Independent Living in Hermiston

On a beautiful day in April with a room full of supporters, Horizon Project, Inc. proudly announced the opening of the STEP Center for Independent Living in Hermiston, Oregon. Rooted in the organization’s mission to empower adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, this innovative program promises to be a beacon of support and opportunity for those seeking to live independently and with dignity.

At the core of Horizon Project, Inc. lies a commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals through comprehensive support and resources. With a focus on fostering independence and self-sufficiency, the organization works to break down barriers and provide pathways to success for neurodiverse adults. Through collaborative efforts and a dedication to inclusivity, they strive to build a community where every individual is valued and empowered to reach their fullest potential.

The STEP Center for Independent Living embodies this vision, offering a wide range of services and programs designed to support adults with IDD. More than 80 individuals participate in the STEP Center’s activities including recreational and socialization activities, creative arts, volunteer opportunities, life skills mentoring, career development planning, skill building, and job coaching — all in a customized mix intended to help each person fulfill their own aspirations. Working one-on-one to determine each person’s goals, Horizon professionals provide the resources to help people succeed.

STEP stands for Steps to Empowerment Program, and services offered are critical components to ensuring that individuals experiencing IDD can gain employment and life skills, achieve personal goals, and live independently. A $220,000 grant from the Kuni Foundation provided critical “first in” funding which supported Horizon Project’s expansion.

As the STEP Center opens its doors to the Hermiston community, it symbolizes more than just a physical space—it represents a promise of hope, support, and opportunity for everyone. We are excited to see our rural partners leading the way with innovative programs that advance independence and inclusion.

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